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JL’s Tennis Academy & CTC

CTC has partnered with the well known JL’s Tennis Academy to further enhance the quality of the coaching and programmes at CTC.

The collective visions of “Tennis for Everyone” and “Dream, Believe and Achieve” works well with the new vision of CTC where we would like to be able to offer programmes for all levels of playing ability (from beginner to high performance). In doing so, CTC has provided the platform to JL’s to further expand their ever growing academy in the Centurion area.

CTC and JL’s will be relooking at various coaching and membership packages that we can present to the members by showing the mutual benefit of being a member of CTC, while at the same time having access to world class coaching programmes and professional club management with innovative ideas for the member.

Further information about coaching at CTC can be obtained by contacting Auret Jansen (