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About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

Clubview Tennis Club is a well-established tennis club within the tennis fraternity. CTC welcomes all players to participate in our programmes. A good balance between social and league player is maintained at the club, as we believe that all our members are important and play a role in determining the success of CTC.

We are proud of our members and their achievements both on and off the tennis court. We aim to make every member feel part of the CTC tennis family.


It is important to CTC to cater for every member’s tennis need. The coaching programmes play an important role in ensuring that members are introduced to the latest coaching techniques and information available.

While CTC may be seen as a tennis club, it is a business and is run on these principles. We are proud of our members and proud of the club and trust that members are also proud of being associated with CTC. We do not see ourselves as being average and strive to push the bar to new levels on a regular basis.


CTC was founded in 1963. Over the last 10 years the club has grown from strength to strength. A Junior Club was initiated and this has assisted in making sure that the future of CTC can be preserved as the youth plays a vital role in the longevity of any club.

CTC is 53 years old and we look forward to the youth of the club being part of ensuring that we are able to be around for another 53 years.

The Logo


Tennis Courts

Clubview has 4 Tennis Courts, 2 Padel Courts, 4 Sand Courts for Volleyball & Beach Tennis.


Three courts with lights. A double sided practice wall can be used by those players wishing to have a good warm up on their own. All courts are locked and members receive a code monthly for access to courts. New members will be notified of the main gate access mechanism and the process to access facilities.

Court Reservation/Booking System is in order to ensure that members are not disappointed when wanting to play social tennis during the week, they are encouraged to use the online court booking system. You can find it on Google Playstore, SportyHQ Bookings

Beach tennis & Volleyball: 

They share 4 sand courts at the club. It has its own membership and is played during the week or weekends by members or visitors. Beach Padels is on-site to rent if you don’t have one yet.

Contact Vanessa regarding all Beach Tennis activities. Vanessa 083 209 1892 or


The clubhouse is open during the week when formal coaching activities are taking place or during official club activities and days (Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons). The clubhouse has both an indoor hall and an outside patio. A television with DSTV (full package) is also available as additional entertainment to members, especially during tennis events and rugby season. Members should see CTC as their home away from home. A well-equipped kitchen and tuck shop are also available to members / visitors. The club is surrounded by fencing and CTC is a family friendly club. We are monitored by our local neighbourhood watch, who is also one of CTC’s partners, Monitornet.


Two completely lit courts are available (1 and 2) and court 5 is semi lit. Members are able to make use of the courts outside of coaching and Wednesday evening club social.

Access Control

Members receive a key which enables them to access the courts, which are locked at all times. When members have finished playing, they are requested to please lock the courts before leaving again.

New members will be notified via email of the main gate access mechanism and the process to collect their court key.

Court Reservation/Booking System

In order to ensure that members are not disappointed when wanting to play social tennis during the week, they are encouraged to use the online court booking system. View Now


Security is always a concern and being in pleasant surroundings does not make CTC immune to crime. Members are reminded to be vigilant and to ensure that the front gate closes before leaving the venue.

The club is surrounded by fencing and is also monitored by our local neighbourhood watch, who is also one of CTC’s partners, Monitornet.


Composition of Management Committee

The CTC Executive Committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and consists of:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Additional Member

Current Management Committee

  • Chairperson – Andri Tiran 0824794428
  • Vice Chairperson – Cornel van Loggerenberg 076 608 9035
  • Secretary – Vic Heyns
  • Treasurer – Anesca Davey
  • Coaches: Danelle Pretorius

Additional Members:

  • Lorraine van Heerden
  • Vanessa Gartland

Exciting moments of Clubview Tennis Club.


CTC Partners

CTC does not view sponsors to simply be a company that sponsor CTC activities. We view our sponsors as partners and believe in creating an environment where there is growth and mutual benefit to everyone associated with CTC.

CTC welcomes any business or individual who would like to associate themselves with the club and/or special events/activities and ask them to contact the club via

Current CTC Partners

Monitor Net

Erion Signs

Brand ID


Pepper Chair

General advertising is also available at CTC as per the following options:

  • 3m x 1m advertising board = R6000 per annum
  • 3m x 1m advertising board + 2 x 3m x 1m on court advertising board (1 court) = R7800 per annum
  • 3m x 1m advertising board + 2 x 3m x 1m on court advertising board (1 court) + logo on website = R8500 per annum
  • 3m x 1m on court advertising board (1 court) = R3600 per annum
  • Naming rights to a court = R10,000 per court per annum / includes exclusive branding on court, with exception to pre-identified permanent branding as allocated by CTC

CTC can either provide a service to have the branding manufactured or the advertiser can supply the branding.

Want to become a CTC Partner?



CTC is proud to be associated and affiliated to all levels of tennis in South Africa. These apply to:

Tennis South Africa (TSA)

National body in charge of tennis throughout South Africa. Officially recognised by Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) and South Africa Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC)

Gauteng Tennis Association (GTA)

Provincial body, responsible for tennis in Gauteng. Gauteng Tennis comprises of three regions; namely Gauteng North, Gauteng Central and Gauteng East

Gauteng North Tennis Association (GNTA)

Regional body, ultimately responsible for tennis in our immediate region. Organises monthly council meetings where each affiliated club sends a representative to, to discuss club and regional matters. Organises league and other competitions


CTC Policy

The CTC Policy Document has been compiled in order to enable members to have a good understanding of the various policies and procedures that are followed by the CTC Executive in terms of running the club in a consistent and transparent manner.

CTC ConstitutionCTC Constitution

CTC HousekeepingCTC Housekeeping

CTC LadderCTC Ladder

CTC Selection PolicyCTC Selection Policy

CTC Open Club Championships RulesCTC Open Club Championships Rules

CTC Logo ProtocolCTC Logo Protocol

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to the grounds and then to the courts?

Members are connected to the automated gate. A court key is also provided to all members to gain access to the courts. Clubhouse access is restricted to club days/times or during coaching activities. Members upon being accepted will receive an email with all the required information.

As a weekday member do I have access to the clubhouse?

Clubhouse access is restricted to club days/times or during coaching activities.

How do I pay? Will I be invoiced on a regular basis? Do I pay cash or can I EFT?

Invoices are sent on a regular basis to members. Membership should always be paid in advance depending on the type of payment terms the members has selected i.e. quarterly, 6 monthly or full.

Payment can be made via the new online system (members will be advised of how this works) or via EFT. Cash is no longer accepted.

When do I have to pay when I apply? Do I have to wait till I have been accepted or should payment go together with application?

Members will receive a welcome email confirming membership has been accepted along with important information, an invoice will also be sent as new members need to pay six (6) months in advance.

As a weekday member do I have to bring my own balls?

Tennis balls are not provided for social matches arranged between members. Tennis balls are only provided by the club during official club days/times.

As a weekday member will there be someone to play with me or do I have to bring my own opponent/hitting partner?

Social matches are the responsibility of the member to organise. Members are entitled to one visitor per CTC member to enjoy their tennis. If additional visitors are invited they need to pay a visitors fee of R40,00.

As a weekday member (and in some cases full day as well) may I bring a guest to play with during the week? Do I have to pay for the quest? How much? Where do I pay?

See question above.

May I use the lights as a weekday member? And how does it work?

Floodlights are available to all members, provided the time falls outside of official club times/activities.

What is the guest fee for Saturday social play?

There are no Visitors fees for Saturday social.

As a weekday member why do I have to pay GNTA/TSA fees?

It is mandatory for all members to pay affiliation fees to the recognised bodies due to CTC’s affiliation with GNTA. These fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each year.

May I play with running shoes or must it be tennis shoes?

Proper tennis shoes are required, although cross trainers and running shoes will be permitted as long as they do not mark the court.

Clubview Tennis Club

Tennis for Everyone

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